Good reasons to play golf

Walking through the field and in the green we get many health benefits, an excellent exercise for our mind, for our body and for our creativity. “The mind is our greatest weapon, the most important club in the golf bag, but also the Achilles’ heel. There are those moments when you feel so positive about the ball that only you know that the shot you are about to execute will be a great shot. Great!! If your mind says it can be done, then it can be done golf course consulting.


Playing golf is not only a physical asset for our body, but during a round of golf the body also releases a powerful, natural, better than drug substance into the bloodstream called endorphins. 1975, are chemicals produced by the central nervous system and endowed with a powerful analgesic and exciting activity, therefore they act as a “natural anesthetic” with benefits similar to morphine and other opiate substances (calms pain and gives physical well-being). They are released from the body, for example, during sports, sex, kissing, falling in love, contact, caress, when eating cocoa, and also during acupuncture and needle pressure sessions, relaxing and relieving pain. For this reason they are also called the “hormone of happiness as they block pain (like morphine) and produce analgesia, give euphoria, happiness and a sense of well-being. As long as we don’t intend to play as well as Tiger Woods, but just take a walk in the neat atmosphere and enjoy a round of golf with friends, it helps make us feel better. If the sun is shining – even better! “


The debate over whether golfers are really athletes ends with Tiger Woods. We have seen him transform from a slim 70kg boy at 21 to a muscular 90kg boy at 28. Your training program would challenge any other professional athlete. His training uses almost nothing of what is found in a common weight gym, he tries to perform various exercises with activities and stances that simulate the golf. He helps on his posture, the strength of his grip, and also performs many exercises to build new strength. This means that it constantly works to strengthen the muscles that stabilize the body and at the same time give them elasticity.