Tracking of Usage

Internet Protocol address is a number that is unique that are provided to your system so that the system can be identified using the web servers. The IP address is also used for the purpose of electronic signature without making you inconvenient for the need of the signature in the documents. Traffic of the website is also noted by this way. A cookie is a method of receiving the information. This contains a unique identification number that is used for the identification of the browser. This does not provide any personal information and also do not disclose the personal identity. Cookies do not give any access to the system. This does not give any information about the credit cards. The usage of cookies has become standard and some of the websites accept the cookies automatically. However this can disabled or deleted by using the browser settings or else there is also an option to give an alert before accepting the cookies from the website that we visit. Session data and the tracking of usage can be done for the monitoring purpose.

Sharing and disclosure

Information that is shared by you will be safe and secure. This will not be shared by any of the means such as

  • Selling the information that you provide to us including the email id.

Information will be disclosed in any cases that are instructed by the law and the same needs to be done for maintaining the legal guideline.

Disclosure of any kind of information is essential to prevent from the fraudulent activities and to protect from any of the liability.

Maintaining the accuracy

If you feel that the personal information that is available is inaccurate there are options to correct this and make the necessary changes. If you don’t want to continue the business with us there is a link to inform us where one of our officials will contact you soon.