Oakville Which Is the Town Full of Events and Fun

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There is a beautiful town nestled on Lake Ontario’s shores in between Niagara and Toronto, namely, oakville. It is mainly known for its active arts community, picturesque harbors, vibrant shopping districts, and some of the perfect options for dining in the area of Greater Toronto. Its location is on the Mississaugas’ territory of the credit and the treaty lands. In 1857, this town was founded by the person namely, Colonel William Chisolm. He is the one who purchased the land mainly at the mouths of the 12-mile and 16-mile creeks.

Arts and culture

  1. Center for the performing arts- It houses a range of performances through international and local artists. Further, in the town, the artistic talents showcase films, visual arts, and literary figures.
  2. Galleries- Generally, it is an art museum that is not for profit that exhibits the contemporary art, delivers public programming, and cares chiefly for a permanent collection. Its exhibition is mainly located on two sites, namely, Centennial Square and Gairloch Gardens.
  3. Shopping- Its shopping center is a shopping mall of indoor chiefly opened in 1981. Approx 42,000 square meters is the mall cover the area.
  4. Children’s Choir- Since 1994, their children’s choir has been in business.
  5. Events
  • Waterfront festival- It is the festival comprising drinks and food, nightly fireworks displays, crafts and arts, amusement park rides, and Canadian bands, the free concerts are headlined.
  • Downtown jazz festival- This event usually contains the performances at stages number along the road of Lakeshore.
  • Kerrfest- It is mainly an outdoor music festival that takes place chiefly in early September. This event comprises free performances and is mainly open to the public and the location at a Westwood park.
  • For the art festival’s love- In the late spring, this annual event takes place. By community arts space, this event is hosted which is a local group of umbrella advocating for shared physical space.


          • Soccer.
• Golf.
• Hockey.
• Lacrosse.
• Baseball.
• Skating.
• Canoeing.


It can be concluded that Oakville is a town in the Halton region of Ontario, Canada. It is chiefly the part of the area of Greater Toronto, which is one of Canada’s most densely populated areas.